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Your first port of call, especially if you are new to playing slot games in an online environment should be our How To Play Slots section of the website this is where we will give you an overview on all aspects of playing slots online and tell you what you should be looking out for, another good place to checkout is our Where To Play Slots part of the website which lists all of our top rated and premier UK online casinos.

Playing Online Slot Machines

With literally dozens on different online casino software companies offering many thousands of different types of online slot games it can often be confusing to which sites are best suited to not only where you live in the world but also the types of online slots you are looking to play, but fear not we have got this covered in all of our Slot Guides

These guides are fully comprehensive and will let you know what each of the different online casino software companies can offer you, so if you are a UK or European players looking for a state of the art software package to play slots online then sites powered by both Playtech as well as the industry leading Microgaming are where you should be heading when playing free online slots.

However should you be a USA based player then your choice of venue in which to play online slots is often limited, but there are many top rated software providers who will allow you to play at any casino powered by them, three of the leading ones are Real Time Gaming who are at the top of many players lists of preferred sites to play. Other excellent software companies who will offer you a full range of exciting slots are Vegas Technology and the new Rival software company who are expanding at a fast rate of knots!

Types of Slot Machines

One thing you will be when playing slot games online is spoilt for choice, with so many available finding one that suits both your budget and playing style will be hard as there are so many to choose from, but mainly they will fall into two different categories. The first being Video Slots which have a video screen where the old mechanical reels used to be and the older styled 3 Reel Slots and these include the single line Classic Slots which offer an easy and basic game playing style.

If you opt to play the former then you are going to come across a whole host of Bonus Games as you play them and these include things such as Free Spins or maybe the Gamble Feature which allows you to risk any win spun in by taking part in a guess the card type gamble round whereby you can double or occasionally quadruple the value of any winning combination you spun in.

No matter what your budget is to play slots online you will find that there will be many slot machines to suit it and if you like playing for low stakes then the Penny Slots will be right up your street, or should you be the kind of player who likes to both play and win big then read all about the Hi Roller Slots which can payout some truly staggering amounts. Talking of huge amounts that can be won by playing slots, no matter what you have available to spend on slot game playing you can also chance your arm and go for gold by playing the many different Progressive Slots online which can and do offer players the ability to win a life changing amount of money for relatively modest stakes. The ultimate choice is to play mobile slots and free access to hot games on the go.

Unique Slot Machines

Each online casino software company likes to provide a range of slots that are unique to them, and this has led to a new breed of next generation slot games being developed, and these are all exclusively found online. Recent innovations include the Real Series Slots which offer players the chance of not only winning many different varieties of bonus feature rounds but also the chance of winning a progressive random jackpots without the need to line up any symbols on the pay lines!

Other new slot games include the i-Slots which are fully interactive slot games and many of these include true skill based bonus rounds where you have a direct effect on how much you can win based on how well you play these feature round games.

Also some brand new and well worth checking out 3D Slots are beginning to appear online and these have all manner of exciting and never before seen graphics, sounds and feature games. A number of Allways Slots are beginning to appear online, these allow you to play every single pay line that is available on the slot machines screen thus ensuring you never miss a winning combination, these slots have to be seen to be believed!

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