Slot Playing Tips

To help improve your chances of a winning Online Slots playing session we have compiled some hints and tips for you below, if you couple these with a sensible playing strategy and ensure you play at our top rated online casinos you should have more than a sporting chance of walking away a winner!

Cashing Out Tips

Every online Video Slots or indeed Classic Slots player knows that cashing out a win is paramount to you actually walking away a winner, however this is often easier said than done as the temptation is always there to continue playing when you are winning.

By carrying on playing you will run the very real risk of losing back any winning won and often more besides, so we thought we would put together a few handy hints and tips to help ensure you master the art of cashing out when you are winning.

To begin with take a look at how much you usually deposit into the casino, use this figure as a minimum that you will cash out at, so if you regularly deposit $50 then if you have managed to work your bankroll up to $100 then cash out $50 to ensure at the very least your current session hasn't cost you anything.

If Lady Luck has been smiling on you and you have had a great run of luck and have hit a large series of wins or possibly a jackpot win then stop playing, go to the cashiers interface and make a withdrawal, and then contact the casinos support team and request they "flush" you win. Flushing a withdrawal is when the casino removes the reverse a withdrawal time period thus ensuring you are not tempted to reverse the withdrawal and carry on playing.

Should the casino you are playing at not allow you to flush your winnings (if they do not this is the sign of a poorly run casino) then make your withdrawal and then un-install the software, this may seem an extreme thing to do but 90% of slot players often are tempted to reverse their cash out and will end up busting out!

Another cashing out tip is to ensure you have supplied the casino with whatever documentation they require to verify your identity before you start playing. One delay tactic some less than reputable casinos will do is to make you repeatedly send in your documents time and time again by claiming they are unable to read them clearly in the format you sent them in on.

So by getting you documents verified before you play and make a cash out there will be no excuses for the casino not to process your cash out quickly and without any fuss or hassle. It really does pay to get verified before you start to play.

Dump Mode Indicators

Even though 3 Reel Slots games are random you will experience both pump and dump modes when playing this kind of casino game, the former is when the machine will just take and take your money without giving you any regular hits or bonus features however the latter, the dump mode is when you can do no wrong and you spin in win after win.

Being able to identify when a slot machine is in this dump mode can have a massive impact on you having a winning session, and we shall now present you with a few indicators and pointers to look out for which could indeed nictate the slot you are playing on is in happy mode!

When you first launch a slot game from the menu and give it a few initial spins, look out for you getting plenty of small wins spinning in, if the slot game appears to be looser than normal then you should stick at it as it could bear fruit.

Triggering the Bonus Games within your first dozen or so spins on the slot is also a good indicator that you could continue to get another couple of these bonus rounds in quick succession, more so on the older bonus video slots such as Spring Break or Elementals.

As all slots go through a game cycle you could find yourself in the enviable positions of playing the slot just at the right time and when this happens it is important that you ride out this winning streak to your fullest advantage.

Should your credit meter be increasing at a fast rate of knots then make sure you keep a level head and allocate a figure at which you will retire from playing that particular slot machine once your balance reaches a certain level, lock in a profit and stop whilst you are in profit, for a sure as night follows day that slot could turn into a money sucking machine!

Don't forget a handy indicator to take note of when playing Microgaming powered slots is the jackpot thermometer, this can be found alongside each slot game as will give you an indicator of whether that particular slot machine is currently hot or cold.

Whilst being able to accertain when a slot is how or cold is often an art that comes with experience the more you play the more you will get a feel for when to carry on playing, never make the mistake of playing a slot that isn't spinning in any winning combinations or triggering the bonus rounds regularly as you can spend an absolute fortune chasing bonus features and when they do eventually trigger they often pay abysmally!


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